The guy found a valuable find in an old second-hand coat. And he was able to open his own business


This guy found a valuable find in an old second-hand coat. Thanks to her, he managed to open his own business.

Here is the lucky one! 29-year-old Mohammed lived his whole life rather poorly. He worked hard to earn his bread and saved on food and clothing. Muhammad was never a rich man and never held a large amount of money in his hands. However, one day he decided to earn some money.

Mohammed went to a second-hand store, where he bought two bags of different things, worth $24 in total. Intending to put them in order and sell much more expensive. This purchase changed his life radically.

The fact is that while looking through things, he found a brand new wallet in his coat pocket. When he looked inside, he was simply stunned.

There was money inside, and a lot of it. 550,000 Japanese yen (about $5,000). The young man was very excited.

He began to look for the owner of the coat. After all, that kind of money is not lying on the road. But neither the wallet nor the coat bore any identifying marks.

So Muhammad decided to keep the money for himself. He decided to spend all the money on starting his own business. And he left only one bill as a keepsake.

This is such an amazing story. It is precisely said that you never know where you will be lucky. Do you buy clothes from second-hand and carefully look through your pockets?