The bride threw a wedding bouquet and surprised not only the guests, but the entire Internet


A wedding is a joyful and touching celebration at the same time. Sometimes what just does not happen on this holiday of life.

Here there are tears of joy, and laughter, and fun, and dances, and contests. And of course, sometimes very funny situations happen.

Not surprisingly, wedding videos often become hits on the Internet. After all, you never know what will happen at any given moment.

And this short video is just one of those. This wedding video has had an unprecedented success in the network.

He literally instantly got to the top of the Reddit portal and received a huge number of comments. The video literally broke all the ratings in just an hour. What is special about this video? The thing is that the moment of throwing the bride’s bouquet got into the frame.

According to tradition, the bride stood up with her back to the unmarried guests at the wedding.

It is believed that the one who catches the bouquet thrown by the bride will be the next to marry.

And although many do not believe in this, they sacredly try to observe this cheerful rite. Only this time things didn’t go as planned. The thrown bouquet of the bride fell on the head of one of the young ladies.

The accuracy of such a well-aimed throw could well be the envy of an experienced basketball player. But what about the lucky one?

Nobody expected such a reaction from the young lady. See what she did… also don’t forget to pay attention to the young lady in red…