That’s why stuffing peeled potatoes into your shoes is a great idea. This tip is for everyone


Any hostess knows that potatoes are simply indispensable in the household. After all, there are a myriad of recipes by which you can cook delicious potatoes and feed both seven and guests.

In addition, this heat of the earth is available to almost everyone. But few people know that potatoes can be used not only for their intended food purpose. Have folk craftsmen started putting potatoes in their shoes? You ask — why? Now you will know everything.

So, potatoes will help you out in the next case. After all, it happens that having bought ourselves a new shoe, we come to the conclusion that we made a mistake with the size.

A couple can not be attributed to an exchange in all cases. And what should I do if a pair I bought a long time ago has shrunk somewhat?

You can wash your legs from pain in the blood or try folk methods. Woolen socks are often used here. But this method of wearing out can hardly be called ideal.

And here the most ordinary potato will come to the rescue. The fact is that potatoes have wonderful properties that will help you stretch your pair of shoes.

Как это работает? Весь секрет во влаге, которая и способствует растяжке кожи. Стоит оставить картофель в обуви на ночь. За это время картошка подсохнет, а влага впитается в кожу и сделает её более мягкой.

How to use cunning? To do this, you need to peel two potatoes of a suitable size. Next, wrap the potatoes in newspaper or paper towels. There is no need to be zealous here.

Wrapped potatoes should be tucked into shoes that need to be stretched. Leave it like that for the night. Here is the secret technology for you.

This method will easily help you make your shoes one size larger. In addition, potatoes are excellent at removing odors. This method works best with leather shoes. Although it is also suitable for fabric models.