Men’s team wowed the Network with their performance in rhythmic gymnastics


Rhythmic gymnastics is one of the most beautiful sports. Despite the fact that the performances of participants in rhythmic gymnastics competitions look at ease, this sport requires careful preparation.

For a long time, rhythmic gymnastics was considered a purely female sport. Beautiful young ladies surprised the audience with their graceful movements, beautiful choreography with ribbons, maces and balls.

However, the men decided to keep up with the ladies. By their own example, they decided to demonstrate that they can adequately perform in rhythmic gymnastics no worse than young ladies. Enthusiasts in leggings are trying hard to achieve the right to compete in world competitions.

So far, the sports federation refuses this request. But the men are not going to back down. After all, they strongly believe that they also have the right to compete in this sport on an equal basis with girls.

Famous athletes have also heard about men who are passionate about rhythmic gymnastics. Many of them support the initiative to include competitions in «men’s rhythmic gymnastics». Among the group of supporters was the famous coach Irina Viner.

Whether men’s rhythmic gymnastics will become an official sport, time will tell. After all, there are a lot of opponents and supporters of this decision. For now, I suggest you evaluate the performance of unusual gymnasts on your own. What do you think?