Everyone’s favorite singer invited the girl to sing along. A minute later everyone was crying with delight


Just listen to how they sing. Everyone’s favorite singer in Italy and an unknown girl. The soul cries with delight.

Many people like to watch and listen to how talented children perform famous hits of popular artists. However, rarely anyone manages to sing better than the performer. This time, the girl was able to do the impossible.

No wonder he invited her to sing a song with her. And no envy of the talent of the child. Only support and respect. What a pity that at our song contests everything is completely different.

So, we present you Patrizio Buanne. In Italy, they simply adore him. In our country, only lovers of classical music know it. Patrizio sings amazingly. And not once his voice was called «the most beautiful in the world.» But it seems that he has a worthy competitor.

As soon as Patrizio sings, everyone’s heart responds. Even the most callous people cry at his concerts. But this time, people didn’t just cry. They sobbed. There were so many feelings in the performance of Patrizio and a 12-year-old girl …

The baby’s name is Amira Willinghagen. And in fact, she could only dream of singing on the same stage next to a star of such magnitude.

But nevertheless, everyone who hears their performance. She understands that the girl really deserves to sing alongside the most talented.

There is no doubt that Amira will still outdo Patrizio. And her talent will only flourish.