Calling fat, the husband went to his mistress. The wife did not give up and made him regret what he had done.


Although the majority assures that internal beauty is much more important than external, however, in reality, things are somewhat different. It is impossible not to agree that many still pay attention to the appearance, and not to the rich inner world.

An American girl named Lynn Champ has always been far from model parameters. The girl was somewhat complex because of her overweight. But this did not stop Lynn from finding her lover and marrying him.

The young man did not pay attention to the overweight of his girlfriend at all and did not reproach her for this. After a short period of time, he proposed to Lynn.

However, Lynn Champ’s dreams of a long and happy life next to her beloved did not come true. After a short time, the girl’s husband had a beautiful lover. Without thinking twice, the husband went to his new chosen one. Lynn dropped her hands. She realized that she was not able to compete with her husband’s mistress. And is it worth returning the one who once betrayed you?

However, Lynn decided to start over. The girl began to treat her wounded soul, and also decided to take care of her figure.

At the time of separation from her husband, Lynn’s weight reached 130 kg. Such a body weight prevented the girl from leading an active lifestyle, to which she so aspired.

Lynn went in for sports and also went on a diet. For 18 months, the girl adhered to a healthy diet, and was also actively engaged in the gym. The result was not long in coming. Seeing her reflection, Lynn couldn’t be happier and worked even harder.

After 18 months, the girl was unrecognizable. Lynn just transformed. Now she looked like a model from the cover of a glossy magazine. And her personal life also began to improve. Lynn was eternally grateful to her husband for the lesson that changed her life.

Meanwhile, Lynn’s husband also noticed her transformation. The men decided to try to win the heart of the former wife again and return to her. However, Lynn was adamant. After all, she began a new and amazing life, where the former spouse has no place.