Best agent 007: was with only two women and broke up because of cheating


Timothy Dalton is a famous Welsh actor who is remembered by most for his two most striking roles. This is Edward Rochester from Gone with the Wind and, of course, James Bond in two Bond films. For many, by the way, it was Dalton who became the best 007 agent in history. His acting career was almost perfect, but Timothy Dalton’s personal life, alas, was not cloudless.

Numerous novels

On the screens and in life, Timothy Dalton was and remains a sophisticated and aristocratic man, the ideal of a British gentleman. His charm and charisma drove millions of women crazy, even the stars could not resist. So yes, the actor was not deprived of attention from the opposite sex.

At various times, novels were attributed to him with almost every one of his colleagues. And among them there are enough really big names! For example, the list of those who had affairs with Dalton often includes Whoopi Goldberg, Ornella Muti, Elizabeth Taylor, Romy Schneider and many others. However, none of them ever became his wife.


“They are beautiful and speak the same language with you. But I am a lone wolf. Absolutely not made for love for life. Usually my love was only enough for the period of filming. However, there were exceptions, ”the actor spoke of his many novels.

And here’s the thing about exceptions. In 1971, Dalton had a chance to play in the same film with Vanessa Redgrave. The famous actress was in a civil marriage, and even seven years older, but this did not interfere with their relationship. At first, of course, Vanessa did not pay attention to the young admirer, but he soon managed to win her heart.

After a while, they began to live together, but there was no official marriage. Moreover, the couple preferred solitude, and therefore did not appear together at social events and did not even comment on their relationship. They also continued to often play together in the theater.

Timothy Dalton’s personal life

However, Timothy often went to the left, although Vanessa forgave him for this. What really brought discord between them was the visits of the daughters of the actress, as well as her conversations about the couple’s joint children. At such moments, Dalton simply left the house for a bar or fishing trip. Only 10 years later, Redgrave realized the futility of their relationship and left.

Timothy returned to his wild lifestyle and tried to settle down again only in 1995. At the London Film Festival, he met Oksana Grigorieva and fell in love again. Yes, so much so that two years later the couple had a son. However, Dalton remained true to himself, and he and Oksana did not officially register their marriage.

Son of Timothy Dalton

Dalton and Grigorieva broke up in 2007. Then there were rumors that the pianist had an affair with a Swedish businessman, and Timothy could not forgive this. However, he did not shift his resentment from his partner to his son. Everyone who knew Dalton saw that he was the perfect father. He devoted almost all his time to his son Alexander, taught him music and fishing.

After breaking up with Oksana, Timothy continued to support his son. In fact, he took on all the material support, he helped, by the way, and the former companion. And in an interview, he often admits that he is grateful to Oksana and proud of his son. By the way, it is thanks to him that Timothy and Oksana are still in excellent relations.

Let it seem that Timothy Dalton’s personal life was bright and eventful, in fact, there were only two women in his life. And only one of them came close to putting the ring on his finger. Now the actor is already 75 years old, he has not yet been married, and, it seems, he is not going to