Alain Delon pragmatically and harshly about the current madhouse in relations between people and countries


French actor Alain Delon learned to look at the world without illusions by the age of 85. The interview of Alain Delon, which he gave not so long ago, is very frank. Life as it is. Today we propose to talk about the conclusions and truths that Alain Delon came to. Whether you agree with them or not is up to you.

Interview of Alain Delon and his life conclusions

They say that over the years people understand life more and more, gain experience, slowly take off their rose-colored glasses. Someone thinks that peace and wisdom come to people in old age. But others believe that all this is nonsense and the idyllic puzzle remains without a few pieces. Some truths are quite cynical. Accept or reject, of course, your business.

In his recent interview, the favorite of women, the French actor Alain Delon, was not afraid to pass for a skeptic and even to some extent a cynic. I immediately remember a quote from my favorite New Year’s movie «Home Alone». Kevin asked his neighbor: «I’m sorry if I offend you, but don’t you think that you are already too old to be afraid of something?» At over 80 years old, Alain Delon decided to tell his truth about the world we live in. Interestingly, this truth is bitter. And the actor emphasizes that he will leave this world even without a bit of regret.

Why did our reality disappoint the Frenchman so much?

Now Alain Delon sees much more than before. And it’s not even that in his youth he was handsome and popular, but now he is an old man who has seen a lot. You might think that Alain Delon simply cannot come to terms with the fact that his times have passed, women have new favorites, and new beautiful and charming actors have come to the cinema. The whole point is that life brings nothing more to an actor.

“Life brings me nothing more. I have already seen everything, experienced everything. But most importantly, I hate this era, it makes me sick.»

Most of all, the actor is annoyed and upset by the fact that in the era of developed capitalism, not people, not human values, but money are at the forefront. Alain Delon emphasizes that a world in which people are pumped out of the maximum resource, and then thrown to the sidelines of life, simply cannot be liked. It is very sad that a person is increasingly perceived as a consumable, and not as a person with his own ideas, goals and views.

When only money matters in society, and from morning till night we hear bad news on TV, leaving this world does not seem so sad anymore. Therefore, Alain Delon says that he is ready to say goodbye to everything without regrets. According to the actor, the understanding of how unfriendly, cold and greedy the world around him has come to him for a long time.

“I hate these people. Everything is fake, everything is fake.»

How understanding came

Fame, love of fans, money — Alain Delon had it all. True, since childhood, he lacked warmth. He grew up in a foster family. Then his parents betrayed him, sending him to the army at the age of 17 and practically deleting him from life. Sadly, they remembered Alena only when he became famous. Even at the age of 85, when it would seem that all wounds should heal, Alain Delon feels his youthful pain about this.

«There is no respect left in the world, no ability to keep one’s word, only money is important.»

Then millions of women fell in love with the actor. Someone literally raved about them. But they fell in love with the screen image of the actor, and not with a real person. Therefore, the actor does not have a lady of the heart. He lives alone in Paris. Delon is disgusted by a world in which people call themselves friends, but in reality they are not. A world in which they try to make money or build a career on your behalf. A world where everyone betrays and tells lies so easily, and beloved pets, who are more faithful than some people, leave us so quickly.

By the way, Alain Delon gets along well with pets. He, like Sergei Yesenin, believes that dogs are often better than people. The actor says that he is ready to leave in peace. But he will not leave his dog here to be bored for days on end near his gravestone. Therefore, Delon intends to ask that the pet be given an injection if he leaves. Alain Delon wants to sleep with his dog.

Reaction to an interview with Alain Delon

Many support the actor, believing that he is 100% right. For some, the words of Alain Delon about life, about the world around have become shock therapy. Not everyone supports this position. “Yes, you can find a million proofs that life is hard. Salaries are low, pensions are miserable, and so on. But, my dears, it is better to live than to be in the damp earth and in another world. And does he exist? You need to rejoice in the sky, the sun, children, grandchildren, good people! After all, life is wonderful and amazing, but only on one condition: if you notice and be surprised!”